Welcome to Kingdom Books Review Blog.

Here, we review gospel books that edify the spirit and renew the mind.

Reviewing a book entails reading it and analyzing its content. Whether as a critic or for growth and educational purposes.

My goal isn’t to criticize authors. my approach is to portray facts and useful lessons and ideas shared in the books we will be reviewing.

Once more I welcome you to Kingdom Books Review Blog and am sure you’ll have a great time.

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Our Latest Posts

The Price For God’s Power

Everything of value has a great cost. The value of a thing is in the price paid for it. There is a price to pay if you must carry God’s power.

God’s Authority & Power

There’s so much you can do with God’s Authority and Power. But you haven’t done so much because you probably don’t know much about it.

How To Use A Book Resource

There’s how to use a books resource maximally. Of course reading is great. But if the information you assimilate doesn’t have an effect on you. Then it’s not worth the time. You can begin to read with better results today, if you care to know what it takes.

What We Are About

This platform gives you an opportunity to access quality reviews of gospel books, by various active readers. This books are descriptive in nature, for the soul purpose of following Jesus through the experiences of various accredited authors.

Gaining insight into hidden truths in God’s word, as exposed by various authors through the Holy Spirit. Summarizing books, for the purpose of remembering and future references. And finally act as guide for those who may need such analysis to encourage their reading habits.

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